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Some tracks from our six forthcoming EPs.


released February 17, 2013

KC Kearin - drums and vocals
Jim Connolly - guitar, bass, vocals

"Night Cat" sung by KC
"Two Twos" sung by KC
"She Sits Between" sung by Jim
"Everyone In" sung by KC
"Pleasure Drop" sung by Jim
"In Physical" sung by KC
"Now Broadcasting" and "Crunk Voicemail" are demos recorded by Jim



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EXH4LER Boston, Massachusetts

KC Kearin - drums and vocals
Jim Connolly - guitar and vocals
Callan Bignoli - keys

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Track Name: Crunk Voicemail (demo)
Another long song
High school sway
Lost the trail
But we all got pizza in the end

My eyes adjusting slow
The morning smells of rot
Collecting illnesses
Some shadows cross my path

Another long song
High school sway
Lost the trail
But we all got pizza in the end
Track Name: Night Cat

Slicing like a blade
Pee-wee stalker
The resemblance is clear

Night cat, night cat
Noche gato

Mixed up on the third floor
I only came here for tacos
Track Name: Two Twos
I just took an elliptical shit
Broadway is not ready

Fan frenzy
My vagina is not the Freedom Trail
Acoustic styrofoam scratches my lips
Track Name: She Sits Between
While we sit and listen
To all you say I'm missin'
You make me a dub
You smoke me up
Introduce me to your girl
She writes me favorite zine
Put on Sandanista
And she sits in between

Candle shine
Hand in mine
Track Name: Everyone In
Crushing ambience
It's partly my fault
The other team is winning
I am the Golden Fleece

Falling plate, spinning eyes
...burning letters

Wet plaster
Hard plaster
It keeps getting worse
Burning letters
Track Name: Pleasure Drop
Pleasure, pleasure,
The pleasure's gonna drop
Out on you

When it drops
You're gonna feel it
You're not gonna feel it

Is it you? Is it true?
All askew, I'll ask you
A Love Supreme, I'll have the steam
Ominous note
Track Name: In Physical
Your nice dream
It appears in half-round shapes
Scientific elbows
Saccharine smile
Emblazoned in stone
Track Name: Now Broadcasting (demo)
Once upon a time on Twitter
I started shaking--falsetto breaking
Heat was on in the limo though
I started shaking

I was a crayon with no table to lay on
"I'm just tryin'a stay on, get my fuckin' buffet on"
Time was slow as honey drips down a pole
A fawn in the clearing
The picture of health